Thursday, 23 February 2012

If I were the boss.

Imagine if some walked up to you, offering you there entire estate including: houses, cars, businesses, investments etc. That would be pretty amazing wouldn’t it! Well, think about it. What would you do in this situation? I’d first question him and find out why he had chosen me, and I’d then accept the offer. If that would ever happen I’d grab the opportunity and READ the fine print, because there could be consequences related to this.

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Think about it he could be the owner of a huge company in South Africa and if so you’d most likely be the new boss. The opportunities that you could have with this individual’s estate / assets could be endless. You could even be your own boss, that would be amazing, but it could also have its downfall. Having that ability or control would assist me in moulding the company or his business. We all had that dream in life to be a boss somewhere or the other, but unfortunately that had not materialised as yet, but it would dawn upon us soon!

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Where I am right now, I really wish this could be the case in terms of becoming a true business professional. While reading this piece, have you thought about what you would do?

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