Thursday 16 February 2012

Easy Money.

According to Investopedia, “Easy Money is defined as money that has easily been acquired.” Well this easily links with the South African daily life. Everyone’s dream is to become a millionaire or billionaire but this can only be done if the correct procedures are followed such as: working or providing a service in order to obtain this “money”.

My definition of Easy Money is crime, crime and more crime. People in this day and age look for any excuse or any attempt to obtain money and in this process, doing anything and everything in order to get that “money”. Well in South Africa and in the rest of the world money is a status symbol and many South African don’t have access to money and therefore they resort to all kinds of crimes.

Crimes such as: ATM Bombings, Minting and Printing of the South African currency, stealing copper cabling and wires, buying and selling drugs and stealing vehicles. The destruction of other people’s, lives in order to make their’s a bit better. These criminals should think about the bigger picture because there destruction leads to more money being spent and inconveniences to other. Easy money gets you nowhere!

(Pictures used have been obtained from: and Junaid Samodien)


  1. It's not only disgusting but sad to think so many are driven to this way of life while others sit high up on their pile of money not considering those who don't have enough money for food. You get evil criminals and then you get people just trying to feed their families.

  2. Thing is, and I think we can all agree, there is NO such thing as easy (legal) money. If its easy, its either stolen or acquired in a fraudulent manner. And I echo your comment easy money doesn't get you anywhere (in the long run). Intersting, topical issue.

  3. Thanks so much, easy money could actually be discussed in a number of ways, but this concept or blog post centered around sparking a conversation.

  4. Easy money make people crazy. Criminals spend time planning robberies instead of using this time and intellectual effort to look for something constructive to do. They are blinded by money and only see what THEY could gain.

  5. Easy Money= FLASHING RED DANGER LIGHTS! Illegal is the synonym for easy money.