Monday 3 June 2019

Slipstream SA talks to fans about the Red Bull City Circuit and more.

PHOTO CREDIT: Red Bull Content Pool.
A capacity crowd witnessed an exhilarating Formula 1 display at the Red Bull City Circuit on Sunday. 

Former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard ripped through the streets of Cape Town in the 2011 championship-winning V8 powered Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB7 car sending fans in awe of its power and pulsating sound. 

Slipstream SA spoke to a couple fans in attendance at the Red Bull City Circuit about the event and Formula 1 in general. 

First up, was Sanjay Narshi who really enjoyed the RB7 show run.

Junaid Samodien: Are you a Formula 1 fan?

Sanjay Narshi: No, not really.

JS: Seeing that you aren't a Formula One. Would an event like the Red Bull City Circuit make you turn on the television to watch Formula 1? 

SN: Most definitely! 

JS: If you could support a Formula 1 team who would it be? After watching the show run. Are you a Red Bull Racing fan?

SN: Definitely Red Bull [Racing].

JS: With the giant world of Formula 1 and its large fan base. Do you know any Formula 1 drivers?

SN: Just Lewis Hamilton. 

JS: DSTv owns the rights for Formula 1 coverage in South Africa. Do you think it should be broadcast on a national level - the likes of SABC, etc?

SN: I think it should be broadcast on national tv - on SABC 3.

JS: Do you think South Africa should host a Formula 1 Grand Prix?

SN: Definitely, we did it in the past and I think we should have it again!  

JS: Where would you like to see a Formula 1 Grand Prix in South Africa? Durban, Johannesburg (Kyalami) or Cape Town.

SN: Cape Town. 

Some fans weren't really interested in sparing a few minutes of their time to answer a few questions. Until I met a very knowledge McLaren Formula 1 fan - Mikesh Harrilall and a possed a few questions to him.

JS: Are you a Formula One fan?

Mikesh Harrilall: Yeah! Definitely, I have been watching for about 20 years. Since 1998/1999. 

JS: Which Formula One team do you support?

MH: I am a McLaren fan.

JS: Do you think Formula One should come to South Africa?

MH: Definitely, I would love it to be here. I've always dreamed to watch a Formula 1 race (here).

JS: If Formula One were to come to South Africa. Where should it be hosted in - Cape Town, Durban, Kyalami (Johannesburg).

MH: I am a bit biased. I love Cape Town, it's like the most picturesque place. I think we can also set-up a nice street circuit. Street circuits are quite a thing in Formula 1 these days and they produce good racing. Kyalami is a bit of a tough one because it has got the history, but I think Cape Town is the place. 

JS: Do we have enough access to Formula 1 in South Africa? In terms of TV coverage, South African media coverage (SA reporters covering Grand Prix at race weekends) and National Broadcasting (SABC etc). 

MH: Supersport's coverage is pretty good. I think that maybe if we had a South African perspective, it would be nice.

JS: Have you ever attended a Formula 1 Grand Prix/events?

MH: So, I have been to a few. Firstly, this one now Cape Town circuit and a good number of years ago - 10 years ago there were Minardi's testing at Kyalami that I went to, and the first year that A1 (Grand Prix) came to South Africa was in Durban and I went to watch that event as well. 

Special Thanks to Sanjay Narshi and Mikesh Harrillal for taking the time out of their action-packed day!

TEXT - Junaid Samodien

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