Thursday 18 April 2019

The FIA approves Titans RX name change.

The Titans RX Pantera Supercar.
PHOTO CREDIT - Titans Rallycross Europe
The FIA has approved the Global Rallycross Europe (GRC) series name change ahead of the seasons maiden race in France on June 29-30.

Titans Rallycross Europe is the new name for European series sanctioned by the FIA.

The name change has been made apparent on the series’ social media accounts in recent weeks.

“The past few months have been both challenging and exciting,” said Max J. Pucher, CEO of MJP Promotions. “Now all pieces have fallen into place and we have received FIA International Series status for TitansRX.”

The driver-focussed series will solely focus on the PanteraRX6 Supercars developed by MJP Racing for the series.

“TitansRX Europe will be a single-make series using the specially-developed Pantera RX6 machine – a car that delivers rallycross supercar performance, but for a fraction of the cost,” said Pucher. “The series is set to host races on classic rallycross circuits in France, UK, Portugal, Austria, Hungary and Germany."

“The performance of the PanteraRX6 Supercar has convinced drivers since the world premiere last October. It shows that controlling cost for exciting rallycross supercar racing works,” he adds. 

“TitansRX will excite the fans with 500bhp plus rallycross cars in dynamic sprint races in stadium settings providing the best in racing entertainment.”

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