Tuesday 3 July 2018

Cool Kristoffersson claims fifth World RX win from six starts.

PHOTO CREDIT: PSRX Volkswagen Sweden. 
Kristoffersson began his home race, the same way he finished World RX of Sweden three weeks ago: fastest. The defending champion was in sublime form, just about missing out on a second World RX 'clean sweep'. 

Not since Timmy Hansen won second qualifying at World RX of Great Britain [ROUND 4] has Johan lost a session in World RX thus far. 

"There’s nothing quite like racing at home – except for winning at home," said Kristoffersson. "When I won my home round for the first time last year, I knew I would never forget that feeling and I really wanted it to come back again today."

The Swede delivered the perfect drive in front of 51,600 fans. 

“You definitely get a real boost from the fans in the grandstand – even if a few of them might have been cheering for some of the other Swedes around here!," he said. "I love this track and these fans. And I love this team – it’s their home race, so a win is special for them too."

The pair of PSRX Volkswagen Sweden Polo R Supercars were unbeatable through qualifying and moved into the semi-finals fairly easily. 

Despite the Swede's results on Saturday, he was not entirely happy with his Polo R Supercar. “I didn’t feel the car was completely perfect for me on Saturday, but as the second day progressed it just got better and better," Kristoffersson explained. 

Johan won from pole position in the first semi and his teammate was on for an identical result in the second race when his Polo R suffered a technical problem, forcing him to retire from the race. 

"In the semi, it was absolutely perfect," said Kristoffersson. "I felt so comfortable, I could just push and push and really work the car." 

The Swede lead from lights to the chequered flag, in an almost ice cool state. Onboard footage during the World RX Final showed Kristoffersson calmly going about his race, as if he was out for an afternoon drive. He did not put a foot wrong! 

"In the final I would say the tyres were probably a little bit hot towards the end of the race, but by then I had been able to just keep inching forwards and away from the chasing pack," said Johan

“I got a really nice start, the launch hooked up and we flew off the line and into the lead. That got me the Monster Super Charge Award, I’m happy with that – my first since France last year!," the Swede explains. "From then on I was just completely focused on every apex to make it happen and to build a lead. I did that."

It was a weekend of contrasting emotions for the PSRX Volkswagen Sweden squad, and even though Kristoffersson won in a dominate fashion, he still feels that his teammate should have been with him in the final. 

“I’m so happy with another win and so happy for the team – but I want to say I am sorry for Petter. I missed my team-mate, he should have been along side me on the front row. But for me this is another 30 points and another really strong result for the championship.”

PSRX Volkswagen Sweden leads the teams’ standings by 45 points, while Kristoffersson leads the drivers' standings by 40 points, and his teammate Solberg is third with 119 points.  

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