Thursday 21 August 2014

Slipstream SA Competition - Rules & Questions

Slipstream SA Formula 1 competition - WIN a Evolution of Scuderia Ferrari poster and a Scuderia Ferrari Formula One car (scale 1:43).

There will be 15 questions in total. 1 per day starting on the 8th August 2014. Once all 15 have been announced, please compile your answers and e-mail them to The deadline for entries is 3rd September 2014 at midnight. The winner will be selected at random from all correct entries using a random number generator.

NOTE - Each question will be released on Twitter - @JunaidSamodien_ and will be posted on this blog as well!

RULES - 1] DO NOT answer the questions when they are posted. You are required to compile all your answers and send them to me once you've figured out the answer to the final question.
2] When sending your answers PLEASE attach your Full Name and Twitter Handle if you have one.
3] This competition is OPEN to anyone (Worldwide)

Most of all! Enjoy the Quiz and Goodluck!

QUESTION 1 - When was Scuderia Ferrari founded? (Year)

QUESTION 2 - How many championship points did Scuderia Ferrari score in the 2013 season? 

QUESTION 3 - What do these years represent? 1994-1995-2000-2001-2002-2003-2004?

Question 4 - Name the 3 subjects that Interested Michael Schumacher the most at school?

Question 5 - At what age did Michael Schumacher begin his karting career?

Question 6 - Which Formula 1 team gave Michael Schumacher his first taste at Formula One?

Question 7 - At which Grand Prix did Michael Schumacher announce that he would join Ferrari?

Question 8 - In 2000, who ended the twenty-one-year drought for Ferrari by winning the World Championship?

Question 9 - Name the designer who joined Ferrari on 17 February 1997?

Question 10 - Who took over as Team Principal when Jean Todt left Ferrari?

Question 11 - In the 1995 season Michael Schumacher qualified in 16th place for the Belgian Grand Prix but in which position did he finish in the Grand Prix?

Question 12 - Ferrari achieved the record of the most one-two finishes with the same drivers. Name the drivers?

Question 13 - Which team did Ferrari supply with engines in the 1991 season?

Question 14 - Who was Gilles Villeneuve's team mate in the 1980 season? (Name the driver?)

Question 15 - In which year did Michael Schumacher become the only driver in Formula One history to finish in the top three in every race of the season? 

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