Sunday, 6 October 2013

RUSH - Review

Release Date: 04 October 2013 (South Africa)
Running Time: 202 minutes
Genre: Action/Drama
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Alexandra Maria Lara, Daniel Brühl and Olivia Wilde
Directed by: Ron Howard
Rating: 9.5/10

When first hearing about the making of Rush, I was a bit sceptical about how the story and plot will be put together, but after seeing it I have to say that Ron Howard has captured the essence of Formula 1 and the strong history between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

Rush is a return to form for Ron Howard after his successful movies Apollo 13, How the Grinch stole Christmas and Cocoon. Similar any great sports movie, Rush breaks the boundaries of its genre. Where most racing films leave it all on the track, Rush smartly makes the story about the drivers behind the wheels and there alive surrounding the sport.

Rush is based on the true story of Formula One racing rivals James Hunt played by Chris Hemsworth and Niki Lauda played by Daniel Brühl. Rivals since their early days in Formula Three, the story centers around their battle for the 1976 World Championship.

Based on the real-life rivalry between Hunt and Lauda is indeed a gripping one. Lauda buys a seat in Formula 1 and through his superior knowledge of mechanics he is able to make any car run faster than any other team could, but then makes the jump to the top-level Formula One first.
Lauda is able to drive any car faster than anyone else on the circuit, except perhaps Hunt. Hunt is an equally talented driver on the track, but is a much bigger risk taker. Lauda’s talent is seen quickly and very early in his career and he signs a prestigious deal with Ferrari. Hunt struggles to sign on with a team due to his high risk state and his partying reputation, though he finally gets a drive after a team (McLaren) decides to take a chance on him.

Rush is a very gripping story in the way that it portrays the two drivers.
Where it would be the obvious choice for Hemsworth’s to play the charismatic James Hunt as the hero and Brühl as the unlikable Niki Lauda as the villain. Audiences will find themselves cheering for both drivers at different points in the film.

The acting, particularly from the two leads, is fantastic. Hemsworth is very convincing as portraying the high-spirited British driver. Brühl is able to match his performances and is a far more reserved one. Olivia Wilde is great in her brief time on screen as supermodel Suzy Mille.

The music used is really effective. This was necessary as the story that revolves around the 1976 Formula 1 season. Overall, Rush is a brilliantly put together movie and a definite must WATCH!!!!!

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