Monday 3 December 2018

TOP 20 PHOTOGRAPHS: 2018 Gumtree World Rallycross of South Africa - DAY 1.

The 2018 Gumtree World Rallycross of South Africa has come and gone, but the memories will last forever, and so will photographs taken at the event. 

Over the course of the World RX weekend, I captured an incredible 5215 photographs on a little Nikon D3100 (body) with two lenses - 18-55mm and 55-200mm.

Day One was rather thrilling with Aerobatic display's, National Rally demos, RX2 and the World RX supercars taking to the track. 

Sebastien Loeb topped the day, while Johan Kristoffersson was languishing in 16th overall after Q1, but staged a masterful come back after suffering with turbo issues in the first qualifying heat. Kristoffersson claimed victory in the second qualifying heat climbing from sixteenth overall to sixth on day one. 

The Silver Falcons aerobatic team at work.
Oliver Solberg giving his father [Petter Solberg] a hug ahead of Q1.
Petter Solberg leading Kevin Eriksson and Mattias Ekstrom [Three cars in the air]
Norwegian RX2 driver Sondre Evjen climbing the kerbs.
Guerlain Chicherit coming out of the jump sideways.
Johan Kristoffersson spinning in Q1 after suffering turbo issues.
Kevin Hansen leading Timur Timerzyanov and Anton Marklund over the jump.
Petter Solberg signing a 2010 Citroen Xsara C4 WRC.
Petter Solberg, Sebastien Loeb and Timmy Hansen chatting before the press conference.
The World RX of South Africa signing session.
Mattias Ekstrom leading Marklund and Timerzyanov.
Ben Philip Gunderson launching off the kerbs.
Kenneth Hansen driving Timmy Hansen and Sebastien Loeb after they were called to the stewards.
Petter Solberg leading Timmy Hansen, Andreas Bakkerud and Janis Baumanis in Q2.
EKS Audi Sport preparation.
Kevin Eriksson coming withing millimeters of hitting the barrier.
PSRX Volkswagen Sweden system set-up.
RX2 driver Oliver Eriksson cleaning his front bumper after hitting yellow pylons on the circuit.
GCK Kompetition's rear end assembly.
The race into Turn 1. 

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