Tuesday 25 September 2018

Solberg keen to go racing at the Circuit of the Americas.

PHOTO CREDIT: FIA World Rallycross Media.
FIA World Champion, Petter Solberg is raring to go racing on American soil. 

Solberg attended the official launch at the Circuit of the Americas early this year, and had the chance of driving the circuit.  

“I was out there for the launch earlier this year and the track looked really good," said Solberg. "It’s going to be a fast one, which is what the drivers really like and it looked like a real challenge with some interesting corners – hopefully some good places to overtake."

The Circuit of the Americas track is 806m in length, with a mix of 63% asphalt and 37% gravel.

Petter and son Oliver [Solberg] will be visiting Houston to see NASA’s Johnson Space Centre, ahead of the World RX weekend. 

The Norwegian is ready to go racing on the new track in Texas. “There’s always something special about a new track and a new venue, but being there at the first time for the championship and the team to compete in America will be a nice experience," says Solberg. 

"As well as the track layout, I think we should be in for a good atmosphere with the fans as well – it’s nice to be there to introduce America to World Rallycross."

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