Sunday 19 November 2017

A selection of the TOP 40 photographs from the 2017 Gumtree World RX of South Africa

Below you will find a selection of the TOP 40 pictures captured at the 2017 Gumtree World RX of South Africa. Enjoy them!

Johan Kristoffersson jumping the PSRX Volkswagen Polo GTi.
Ken Block taking the jump in his Hoonigan Division Racing, Ford Focus RS.

J.P. Smith (Alderman of Cape Town), Ashley Haigh-Smith, Petter Solberg, Mattias Ekström and Mark Cronje in the Press Conference.

Andreas Bakkerud dialing in some angle on his shakedown lap.
Kornel "CSUCSU" Lukacs completing shakedown laps ahead of the Cape Town RX.

The Silver Falcon's aerobatic display.
Peugeot-Hansen's driver gear being prepared.
Ken Block's, Hoonigan Racing Division, Ford Focus RS being prepared.

Timerzyanov leading Baumanis and Demoustier.
Sebastien Loeb being interviewed.
British RX2 driver Dan Rooke dialing in some angle in the chicane.
Andreas Bakkerud clipping the barriers while Johan Kristoffersson goes on to win the qualifying round.
Mark Cronje retiring from the lead due to prop-shaft failure.
Toomas Heikkinen and Hansen battling for the lead. 
Timo Scheider clips the barrier trying to hunt down Loeb and Ekström.
Kristoffersson with damage in the qualifying round. 
The Saturday TOP 3: Janis Baumanis (left), Ken Block (centre) and Timmy Hansen (right)
Ashley Haigh-Smith flying over the jump.
Cyril Raymond, RX2 driver catching some air.
RX2 driver Gryazin climbing the kerbs.
LIGHTS OUT and away they go!
RX2 driver, Nilsson completing the qualifying round without bodywork.
MSA Rally action on track.
Terry Grant driving the full length of the rallycross circuit.
Terry Grant running away from his spinning V8 midget to prepare for a stunt.
A South African cross country rally Toyota Hilux going sideways in a demonstration run.
South African driver Ashley Haigh-Smith leads fellow countrymen Mark Cronje but it all goes wrong with a broken steering arm.
Mark Cronje goes on to win the qualifying round while his stranded countrymen watches on. 
Timerzyanov catching some air trying to chase down Timo Scheider. 
LIGHTS OUT and away they go for the 2017 Gumtree World RX of South Africa FINAL. Kevin Hansen retires moments later.
Kristoffersson leads through Turn 2.
Ekström and Solberg battling for second place in the championship.
Timmy Hansen congratulates Mattias Ekström on clinching second in the FIA World RX championship.
Johan Kristoffersson with the 2017 FIA World Rallycross Championship trophy and Pernilla Walfridsson (Solberg's wife) accepting the Teams' Championship trophy. 
Timmy Hansen pouring some champagne on Johan Kristoffersson. 
RX2 PODIUM: Sondre Evjen (left), Cyril Raymond (Race Winner) and Tanner Whitten (right)
The 2017 Gumtree World RX of South Africa: TOP 3 - Timmy Hansen, Johan Kristoffersson and Mattias Ekström.
The 2017 FIA World Rallycross Champion - Johan Kristoffersson

Backman's RX2 car being prepared.

Photographs By: Junaid Samodien
[All action photographs were captured from behind two fences] 

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