Tuesday 17 June 2014

Austrian Grand Prix QUIZ

1 - Who finished THIRD in the 2003 Austrian F1 Grand Prix?
2 - Nico Hulkenberg & Sergio Perez drive for which Formula One team? 
3 - Formula One has which from a Naturally Aspirated V8 engine to a .......... Name the new engine/Power Unit 
4- What is the name of the Austrian Grand Prix circuit?
5 - Where are Lotus F1 Team based?
6 - Name the Formula One driver? [Clue current driver] 

7 - Complete the teams name ......... Toro .........
8 - How many gears does the new 2014 Power Unit have?
9 - Pat Fry is the Technical Chief of which Formula One Team?
10 - Who holds the current lap record at the Red Bull Ring?
11 - How many kilometers will make up the full race distance at the Red Bull Ring?
12 - What is the name of the Williams Martini Racing car?
13 - Name the drivers at Marussia F1 Team?
14 - What is Nico Hulkenberg's Formula One race number?
15 - Are drivers permitted to carry out celebratory victory donuts? Yes or No

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